Ways to make your shipping department more efficient

The world is becoming more of a global village with each passing day, and with e-commerce on the rise, it is possible to shop from anywhere in the world and simply have your items shipped over to you in a matter of days. Faced with this reality, it is imperative for businesses to have a successful shipping department with the most up-to-date systems. Here are some useful tips to running an extremely efficient shipping department.

Data capturing

Having the correct data capture system is crucial in the successful management of a shipping department. The exchange of data between your relevant shipping software and the host software needs to work in tandem. When it comes to the amount of information asked for by your shipping software, the more the better. The more data needed from the host software the better as well. Both will provide you with a better understanding of what exact shipping requirements are needed, at a much faster pace and with fewer errors to slow you down. Having the correct dimensions of what you will be shipping will also help with this process.

International orders and returns

If you are in the business of shipping across borders, you will require certain permits, something that should not be overlooked. Many shipping companies and departments tend to neglect this important step and can accrue various fines and extra hassle. The fee for shipping overseas will also be greater due to customs, so make sure you have a sound knowledge of various custom tariffs and the costs incurred with cross-border freight. Factor in the cost of returns from unhappy customers, as this can often get expensive.

Tracking numbers

There is nothing more frustrating for customers than not knowing where their package is, especially when it comes to an item they simply can’t wait to arrive. Make sure your products have tracking numbers and that there is a relevant page on your website where customers can track the status or their orders. Having this information settles the customer’s mind and also lessens the burden placed on the administrative staff, who can then spend less time answering inquiries about a customer’s order status and more time focusing on other tasks.


Automation helps both you and the customer. For example, an automated shipping rate shop is a system that is constantly searching for the best shipping rate on the market. It allows your customers to choose the most affordable rate, keep shipping rates low, and provides you with the market benchmark.

Customer experience

Consider small things like the type of packaging used and the ease with which a customer can make a return. Making the overall experience convenient for customers will keep them coming back, as they will feel comfortable ordering from your company. For instance, shipping companies like OSM Worldwide promise on-time delivery and provide economic rates, so developing a reputation for reliability is key. While it makes business sense to try and save money where possible on shipping, do not compromise too much. Otherwise, customer satisfaction can decline rapidly and with it, your business.

The bottom line in any shipping company or department is the systems in place that allow for smooth operation. Get the systems up to date and have quality data capturing and you have a formula for success.

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