The Top Five Ways You can Attract More Visitors at an Exhibition

Joining a trade show or exhibition is a great idea – it is the perfect opportunity to attract attention and to engage with potential customers. On the other hand, merely joining a trade show or exhibition is not a guarantee to success; you need to put in some extra effort to be noticed, because you are sure to have competition. As a matter of fact, when joining such affairs, you’ll need to make some special arrangements if you want to optimise your chances of success. Ever wonder how to draw a crowd and engage them in the best way possible? Here are the top five ways you can attract more visitors at an exhibition.

Stick to your budget

Your budget should depend on your expectations – e.g. how many people are you hoping to reach? On the other hand, even the biggest events aren’t worth the trouble if it’s going to create a serious dent in your cash flow. Make sure your marketing budget includes a stall at an exhibition, but choose carefully. Stick to your budget and weigh the consequences carefully.

Be creative

You won’t have that much space to deal with, and you should be prepared for a lot of competition – each of those stalls are going to be vying for attention. So look at what you have and start getting creative. Sounds are one option; video displays are another, and exhibition display banners are an absolute must. Go for games. Offer free drinks. Start a raffle. Make use of your limited space to the fullest.

Create the right look

You need to stand out when it comes to your competition, but when it comes to your own booth, it needs to blend together. You should aim for a look that says ‘Come on in’ and you should create the impression that you ‘understand them completely’. Think target market, and adjust accordingly.

Try it out first

There’s nothing wrong with setting up the booth in your garage and getting a feel for it. Try it. How much space do you have to move around? What’s lacking?

Pick the right people

You’ll need hard workers that are willing to smile. Pick them carefully.

Another hint: don’t just rely on the event organisers to draw a crowd – they will be promoting the event, not necessarily your business. Go online, use social media, post on your website and call everyone you know to make sure as many people as possible know where you will be, what you have to offer, and at what time. In fact, every business should have a regular newsletter to let the regular customers know that you are active; alive and kicking. Make yourself known. Make sure people understand what you stand for. Be active, and be proud!

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