How to Increase Your Warehouse Storage Space?

The warehouse storage space should be used in an efficient manner. In order to utilize the space in an efficient manner, you can resort to alternate flooring. Mezzanine flooring is the best option through which you will be able to provide a workable storage solution. The flooring can be done to fulfill various kinds of requirements, including manufacturing, service & delivery and delivery & installation. In addition to the mezzanine flooring you can also go for racks and shelves through which you will be able to use the available space in an efficient manner.

How to make the most of space through mezzanine flooring?

Depending upon the availability of the space, you can go for various kinds of racking systems. Mezzanine floor installation can be implemented on single or multi-tier basis. The design and manufacturing of the flooring should be delivered at a very high quality from a reputable firm. The local building regulations should be followed and all kinds of safety measures should be implemented so that you can certainly make the most of your time, effort and money whilst keeping your employees safe.

Due to the nature of mezzanine flooring, where you install the flooring and tiers will affect whether it’s classed as a further floor to your building. You will usually find mezzanine flooring installations built using supporting walls that are already in place and on either the ground or first floor, adding mezzanine flooring above the first floor isn’t a common practice and even has the potential to cause issues regarding the structural integrity of your higher floors.

There are several different types of mezzanine flooring  installations that you can choose from to best suit your businesses requirements. If you deploy mezzanine flooring at your retail stores or warehouse, the available space can be used in an efficient manner and extra usable space will certainly add value to the property.

Using the warehouse space efficiently through mezzanine flooring

If your business is growing at a constant pace, in order to take care of the growing needs and demands, you could look to hire, buy or build new premises. By opting for mezzanine floor installation, you can make use of your existing space in a more efficient manner. Mezzanine flooring is economical as well as the price of mezzanine flooring per square meter can vary between £75 and £120. Due to this fact, in the long term it’s cheaper and more efficient for you to expand your current operation rather than starting a new storage facility.

The popularity of mezzanine flooring has grown as more and more companies have opted to combine mezzanine flooring with racking systems in their warehousing facility. The flooring can be installed without deviating from your building’s original design. Also when planning out your mezzanine flooring sections you can get expert advice from the manufacturer / supplier to make sure that the layout will be efficient for both stocking and picking items.

Due to the nature of it’s use, mezzanine flooring must be manufactured to a very high quality by the supplier, this is to ensure that you not only get a great product, but that the installation also meets all health and safety requirements or local legislation. The installer will also often consult with the relevant local authority to ensure that standards are met and that your installation is fully above board.

The mezzanine installation must also meet fire safety regulations, this includes things like having adequate fire fighting equipment and instructions to having an emergence exit route available. All of this will ensure that you have extra storage facilities that meet local regulations and increase the efficiency of your operation.


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