4 Ways to Track the Effectiveness of Banners in Advertising

With any advertising tool that you use, it is important that you don’t stop just because you have the advertising done. You also need to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. This will let you know if you should continue doing it the next time around or if it would be best to try out other advertising methods.

If you have tried banner printing, there are ways for you to know if people decided to patronise your products.

  1. Online survey. For those who visit your website, it helps if you can conduct a short survey. You can ask questions to determine how they have reached your website. You include banners as an option. Then, you will know how many of them have reached your website after reading the information on an outdoor banner.

  2. Backlinks. There is a tool that lets you know how people were redirected to your website. It could be through another website or Google search. It helps that you employ this strategy since this is the most accurate way to track online activities. This might not necessarily give you an idea of if they have reached your website through a banner or not.

  3. Increase in sales. This is an indirect way of measuring the success of this endeavour, but if you have seen a drastic uptick in your sales at the same time that the banners were put up, they could be the reason. You can compare it later during the year when you stop using the banners and see if the sales increase, decrease or remain constant.

  4. Personal interview. If you have an actual store, you can ask people buying there how they know about your store. They might have just walked in or their friends might have recommended your business. You can also ask if they have seen your banner somewhere. You need to be careful in crafting the question though so as not to annoy your customers. Don’t make them feel like they are a subject of a lengthy research study.

It helps if you can track how effective outdoor banners are. Next time, you might want to change the design of the banners. Perhaps, you want to partner with a different printing company because the previous one did not provide quality services. You will also know if you should still go for outdoor banner printing or perhaps leaflet printing and flyer printing are more effective. You can also see if you should just eliminate print media and focus on online marketing.

Ultimately, it is your choice how you can improve your business as long as you think you are hitting the right audience and it could lead to a positive impact on the overall sales.

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